Monday, April 15, 2013

Quotes, Prayers, Photos

I love collecting quotes and prayers and sometimes making some of my own too. I also love taking photos. So to combine these two loves or likes, I have created what I call as "photoquotes." I also opened a new blog to put all of these in one place.

May I invite all of you to please join me over there and maybe also contribute some of your own favorite quotes.

This is just one example of what I have over there in my new blog.

Here is the link to my new blog. Please visit and leave a comment too. Please also share it with friends. Thank you!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Love Between Mother and Child

Love between a mother and child is something precious and special. The indefinable bond is there but it's usually rare to find a young child who knows how to express this especially in the form of giving. In most cases, the mother is usually the one who has a gift for her child. In this instance however, the child is the one giving something, a rose, to her mother. This simply is so touching, sweet and unique. This to me shows the special love between mother and child.
This is my entry to "Love as I See It".

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm still here!

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted anything here for almost a year! Aw! That really sucks!!!

I have neglected this blog for a long time. So sorry about that! It's just that I found something that has been occupying more of my time. I'm talking about my RedBubble site. Do visit if you are interested.

Anyway, I am just not ready to give up on this blog. Why? Well, I just discovered that there are some who still follow even if I have not been so active here. So I owe it to them to keep on.

It's raining right now and I just thought that I will write something about rain.
What I like about rain makes me dreamy. It makes me want to curl up in bed with a nice book. I will only do that though after I finish posting this.

I also love taking photos of raindrops. So I did just that before I started this post. I wrote a hub about raindrops before. I shared several photos there. If you would like to check it out, the link is here...

Meanwhile, here is a photo for you. These are raindrops on a rose petal. I hope you like it. I have more raindrops photos in the hub I mentioned above and also in my RedBubble as well as RedGage sites. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Like About...Being a Mother

It has been a while since I last made a post on this blog. I have been rather busy with some other things but that should not really be an excuse. If we want something, then we have to make time for it.

Ok, I'm really guilty of being remiss with my duty as a blogger. Mea culpa! Please forgive me. 

Anyway, what I am going to share today is something that I started a long time ago but never got around to finishing it. That long time ago was when I was still a young mother with 3 young children. Now, I am not that young anymore and all my children are already adults.

So what was it that I started a long time ago?

Well, I started writing about my experiences or adventures as a mother. I would jot down comments, conversations and moments shared with my kids. I thought I would share those comments, conversations and moments because being a mother is really so fascinating and rewarding.

I must confess that the demands of being a working mother never allowed me to put my work into any publishable form. However, I just chanced upon an old notebook where I used to keep some of my notes and it was fun and heartwarming to read some of my entries there. Hahaha, I'm going down memory lane - a sure sign of getting old? Who cares? I love being a mother!

So, what I like about ...being a mother is my post for today. I'm sure you mothers out there have had some kind of similar moment with your kids.

 The scene is after dinner and we were simply enjoying some small talk and dessert. My kids were about age 8,7 and 3 at that time. My kids suddenly turned to me and asked, "Mama, please sing for us."

Well, I can sing but I am no singer. I can carry a tune perfectly but I know my limitations. However, I never realized how much my kids appreciated my singing until that moment!

I  answered them, "I have a talent fee you know, I get paid before I sing". I said it as a joke but I soon realized that they took me seriously because of their next question.

"How much Mama?"

I answered (trying to keep a poker face), "Since you are my children, I will give you a discount. You can give me whatever you can afford". When I said that, they looked at each other and then left the dining table one by one. I thought that was the end of that. But then I got the surprise of my life.

After a few minutes, they came back each with his/her piggy banks, some more precious coins plus a few paper bills. They showed me their collection and seriously asked me... "Is this enough Mama?"

Wow! What would you do if you were in my place?

Here's what I did. I hid my face from them for a few minutes to pretend that I was preparing to sing. Actually, I tried to hide the tears from my eyes. I simply was so touched! Then I gave them not one song but an impromptu concert which they whole-heartedly applauded.

After the applause died down, I gave them back their money and covered their faces with kisses. I told them my singing will always be "gratis et amore" for them. Of course I had to explain what is "gratis et amore" but we just spent the next few minutes after that, hugging and kissing each other.

So that's why I love being a mother. Where and how else can you have moments like this if you are not a mom?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Like About...ChristmasTraditions

I love traditions and Christmas time is the best time for observing traditions. Traditions always bring happy memories and we never grow tired of them.

One of the Christmas tradition that I love is - caroling.

When I was in high school, we had a group that cut across the four year levels. Our group would always go caroling once advent starts. We would go around our small town and carol house to house. The money that we got from caroling was used to buy little gifts for children of underprivileged families in our town. We distributed these gifts during Christmas day.

I have written a longer article about caroling as a Christmas tradition. Please check this out.
My daughter and her friends caroling at home
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