Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Like About ...Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Everything about Christmas makes me feel warm and cozy and happy.
So below are some reasons why I love Christmas... or what I like about Christmas:
  •  I love the spirit of giving
  • the sounds of bells especially during early morning
  • the sounds of Christmas carols
  • the cool air and nippy weather
  • the sparkling lights
  • the decor
  • the Christmas trees
  • the food especially the baked goodies (I don't like fruitcake though, sorry!)
  • the happy faces of everybody. Somehow everyone seems to be in a happy mood
  • the colors 
  • the tradition
Oh, I could go on and on about Christmas but you get what I mean. There is really something special about Christmas. So I thought I would write a series about Christmas.

I have just published an article about the Christmas colors. If you want to know how the Christmas colors originated, then please check out my article over at HubPages. Please click on the link below.
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