Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I like about ... jokes

Hello, I'm back.

I spent the break visiting Boracay, my favorite island here in the Philippines. I also visited my mom.

It was a fun and fruitful break and I'm now eager to resume this blog.

So we are now in "J" and the first "j" that came to mind is ...jokes.

Who doesn't love jokes? I think almost everybody likes jokes except of course if the timing is wrong and the joke is on us.

Anyway, a good joke is always fun and can "break the ice" in any occasion.

A good joke always brings... laughter, happiness, lightness, sometimes even tears, but tears of gladness of course.

I still remember a teacher in college who would always crack a joke in class. However, she would always start laughing at her own joke and we never really understood what the joke was about. Still, all of us would join her in laughing but our laughter is really never about the joke but more because we found her so funny as she tried telling the joke. Ha ha ha. She always looked so funny as she would double over in laughter with tears streaming down her eyes. It's just so sad that for such a happy person, she died a violent death. God bless her soul.

We always like a good laugh.... The popularity of the following shows is proof of this...
...funniest home videos
...candid camera
...bubble gang
We joke about almost anything or anyone...
... our own self
... mother in law
... neighbor
... school
... church
... dogs
... babies
... homework
... husband/wife
... elderly people
... anybody... anything

Friday, March 20, 2009

taking a short break

Hi, I will be out of town for a few days and may not have access to an internet. Will be back next week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I like about ... ice cream

"I" is for ice cream!

Is there anybody here who does not like ice cream?

I love ice cream. I love its rich, creamy sometimes fruity flavour. I have a friend who eats her desserts first (especially if it’s ice cream) before even starting with the main course. I don’t do that however, I really reserve my ice cream as the last food I will take in a meal. Then I will leisurely eat it and enjoy every spoonful of this wonderful food. If it's in a cone... I would finish the whole cone too.

When I was in college, my friends and I would visit an ice cream parlor once a week. Every week, we would try a different ice cream concoction or flavor. We had sundaes or parfaits or splits... and all kinds of flavor. We even had a hearty laugh when we once ordered a supposedly "birthday suit or special" (I forgot the exact name) and we were served two scopes of ice cream with a banana (with cherry and cream on top) between them. Ha ha ha... naughty... naughty.... I think they changed that to 3 scopes of ice cream later. Those were fun days!

There was a time when (because of health reasons) I was advised by my doctor to stop eating ice cream and all kinds of cold food. So everyone would laugh at me when I would order “ice tea without the ice”. Ha ha ha.

I managed and even got used to not drinking or eating anything cold but I really missed ice cream during those times. It’s good that I have recovered from that health problem. Now I can have my ice cream. Yipee!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I like about ... hourglass

It’s my “H” day today. So I thought about “hourglass”.

Hourglass or its other variations such as the 3-minute egg timer, or the timers used in “Boggle” or “Pictionary” or even those table top message discs with colored sand have always fascinated me. It’s really the movement of the sand that I find fascinating. I would always watch intently as the sand flows to the other end of the glass. I would even check if the 3-minute egg timer really completes its flow in 3 minutes. How crazy can I get?

Anyway, do you have any “H” thing that you like? Please share it here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What I like about ... gardens

"G" means garden for me. What about you, do you like anything that starts with "g"?
I love gardens - both well kept ones and naturally occurring ones.

My garden is so small, you can go around it in 5 minutes. However,it has sustained my photographic adventures. Most of my flower photos are taken from my garden.

I visit my garden regularly and I always discover treasures like:
... new buds or fully bloomed flowers
... spiders and other bugs
... butterflies and other flies
... snails including their colorful eggs
... mushrooms and other fungi
... leaves that have unusual formations
... birds
... frogs
... blades of grass with sparkling raindrops
... spiderwebs
Oh, I can go on and on about the many treasures I find in my garden.

Aside from serving as the repository of many subjects for my photography, a garden is also a wonderful stress reliever. When I'm working in my garden, I usually lose track of time and I feel refreshed as I discover new buds in my plants. There is something so enchanting about watching a new seed come to life and become a beautiful flower or tree.

I also love visiting public gardens and other people's gardens. They are always so refreshing and beautiful to behold.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What I like about ... sharing coffee with Friends

This is my "f" day and "friends" came to mind immediately. And one of my happiest memories is sharing coffee with friends.

Hmm... I love the aroma of coffee. It just perks me up. And sharing it with friends is the best way to having coffee.

Don’t you just remember all the good times you have had with friends as you discussed important as well as trivial issues over a cup of coffee?

I am sure that many ideas have been born as you shared coffee with friends.
I am sure that problems have been solved as you shared coffee with friends.
I am sure that heartaches have been mended as you shared coffee with friends.

Do you notice how
... time flies if you are with friends?
... you just naturally slide into instant rapport if you are sharing coffee with friends?
... there seems to be no beginning and no ending if you are with friends and sharing coffee?
... even instant coffee tastes great if you are with friends?

The best way to having coffee is to have it with Friends.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I like about ... Easter

When I thought about what I like that begins in “e”, Easter came to mind right away.

It’s now the season of Lent so Easter is just around the corner.

Easter always reminds me about:
... new beginnings... about rebirth
... new hope
... sunrise
... melting snow
... morning mist
... dewdrops
... Spring
... new leaves ... new trees
... buds and flowers
... Easter lilies and Easter candles
... Easter bunnies and Easter egg hunts

The significance of Lent for me is, there is always Easter to look forward to.
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