Monday, March 9, 2009

What I like about ... gardens

"G" means garden for me. What about you, do you like anything that starts with "g"?
I love gardens - both well kept ones and naturally occurring ones.

My garden is so small, you can go around it in 5 minutes. However,it has sustained my photographic adventures. Most of my flower photos are taken from my garden.

I visit my garden regularly and I always discover treasures like:
... new buds or fully bloomed flowers
... spiders and other bugs
... butterflies and other flies
... snails including their colorful eggs
... mushrooms and other fungi
... leaves that have unusual formations
... birds
... frogs
... blades of grass with sparkling raindrops
... spiderwebs
Oh, I can go on and on about the many treasures I find in my garden.

Aside from serving as the repository of many subjects for my photography, a garden is also a wonderful stress reliever. When I'm working in my garden, I usually lose track of time and I feel refreshed as I discover new buds in my plants. There is something so enchanting about watching a new seed come to life and become a beautiful flower or tree.

I also love visiting public gardens and other people's gardens. They are always so refreshing and beautiful to behold.

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