Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I like about ... ice cream

"I" is for ice cream!

Is there anybody here who does not like ice cream?

I love ice cream. I love its rich, creamy sometimes fruity flavour. I have a friend who eats her desserts first (especially if it’s ice cream) before even starting with the main course. I don’t do that however, I really reserve my ice cream as the last food I will take in a meal. Then I will leisurely eat it and enjoy every spoonful of this wonderful food. If it's in a cone... I would finish the whole cone too.

When I was in college, my friends and I would visit an ice cream parlor once a week. Every week, we would try a different ice cream concoction or flavor. We had sundaes or parfaits or splits... and all kinds of flavor. We even had a hearty laugh when we once ordered a supposedly "birthday suit or special" (I forgot the exact name) and we were served two scopes of ice cream with a banana (with cherry and cream on top) between them. Ha ha ha... naughty... naughty.... I think they changed that to 3 scopes of ice cream later. Those were fun days!

There was a time when (because of health reasons) I was advised by my doctor to stop eating ice cream and all kinds of cold food. So everyone would laugh at me when I would order “ice tea without the ice”. Ha ha ha.

I managed and even got used to not drinking or eating anything cold but I really missed ice cream during those times. It’s good that I have recovered from that health problem. Now I can have my ice cream. Yipee!

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