Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I like about ... water

It’s “w” day and water immediately came to mind.

I will not talk about the obvious importance of water in our life except to say that – our cells consists of about 70% water, so it’s but logical that if we lack water, then we will not function efficiently at all. We can even die of dehydration or lack of water. Having said that, I will talk more on the other reason why I like water.

I like water because its presence in any scene always adds some interesting point in my photos. Taking a picture of water in its many forms – as a droplet, as moving force, as part of the scene, as rain, or even as a simple puddle, has always been challenging. I will post the many “faces” of water in my photo blog. Please follow me over there by clicking on the link below.

For today, I will just post one of my favourite water photo – that of raindrops. I called this photo "angel tears".

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