Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I like about...Hubpages

 I have been writing articles for hubpages since May of last year. I find it very satisfying to write there because I almost always get some comments about my articles. It's good to know that somebody is reading what you published.
I now have developed a circle of friends there and we usually visit each other's hubs or articles. It's really very heartwarming to know that someone else appreciates what you write.
If you have time, do make a visit there. There are so many good writers there who write on various topics. Who knows, you might want to join us there too.
Anyway, here is a link to my latest hub. It's all about roses. You might want to check it out. Thank you.


  1. So glad you're enjoying HubPages! Just so you know, the link above is broken, so you might want to fix it. See you around the site!

  2. Hi Maddie,
    Thank you very much for pointing out to me that the link is broken. I'll fix it after I post this. It's nice to meet somebody from Hubpages here. I'll see you.


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