Friday, September 17, 2010

What I Like About ... Boracay

I love going to Boracay. I have been there countless times but I still keep going back every year. Why?
Well, there are reasons and reasons and I have written about these in hubs before.

However, aside from all the reasons I have written about before, there is one more reason, and that is – I keep discovering something new every time I visit. There is always a new hotel, or restaurant or activity or product to explore. 

What I discover is not necessarily new in Boracay but just new to me, just like what I am sharing today – the Boracay Beach Club. This is not really a new beach club in Boracay but I only learned about it when I visited last August.  

Frontage of Boracay Beach Club
So how did I discover Boracay Beach Club if it is not that new? Well, Olga, their Director of Sales & Marketing, read one of my hubs about Boracay and sent me a letter when she learned that I was going to Boracay again last August. We then agreed to see each other and so we met.  The rest as they say is history.

So in this blog today, I am sharing some photos about Boracay Beach Club (BBC), my new discovery about Boracay. 

Boracay Beach Club although it is along the main road of Boracay, is not easy to spot because of its unassuming frontage. That’s the reason why I did not notice it during my previous trips to Boracay. However, once you get inside, you will discover a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. 

receiving area of BBC

The view from their top floor is that of the famous Boracay beach.  So how would you like to wake up every morning and have a view of the beach while having your coffee and reading the papers? Wonderful, isn’t it?
View of Boracay beach from the top floor of BBC 

 Even if the Boracay beach is just a few steps away, BBC (just like most of the hotels in Boracay) also has its own swimming pool.

BBC swimming pool
Boracay Beach Club

BBCs rooms are comfortable and reasonably priced plus they have promo packages all year round.

Olga invited us to visit Ariel’s Point, BBC’s eco-adventure get-away. BoracayBeachClub-arielspoint Unfortunately, I got sick the next day and so we did not get a chance to visit this wonderful place. We will probably try it when we visit Boracay again next year. This is something I look forward to.

By the way, I wrote about our (Olga’s and mine) encounter in a previous post. Both of us are RedGagers. Thus our meeting last August was really exciting!

Additional info:
I have just published one more hub about Boracay. Please check it out.


  1. We stayed there twice. My boyfriend and I loved it the first time we stayed in April of 2010. There we met Olga at the reception area upon arriving. We came back to boracay in December 30th for the New Year and stayed there till Jan 7th. On our second visit, they gave us one of the suites because we are returning guests. Awesome:-)We probably still stay at BBC if we plan to visit boracay again..

  2. That's great to know! Olga is very friendly!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.


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