Friday, October 29, 2010

What I Like About ... Frames

When you exhibit photos or art works what do you usually do? Frame them, right?
Frames always add something to the photo or the painting. Frames can be simple or can be ornate. Either way, they always add context and focus to any picture. However, the frames that I am talking about today are the frames that you create while you are still taking a picture. This is a photo tip that I learned early on when I started my photography adventure.

Adding a frame to a scene or object as you take the photo somehow creates a more focused and interesting picture. The frame can be natural or it can man-made. Do check out my hub on how frames add something to a photo.

Frame it!


  1. "Framing" as you call it just seems to highlight the subject of the picture. Photos were great. I may have mentioned this before ...I would mess up taking a picture of a "brick."
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Stan,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I'm sure we all mess up taking the picture of something at one time or another. It can even happen to the best of them. So no need to worry.
    Thanks again!
    God bless!


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