Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I like about ... do_ors

This is the last of the musical series so...

That will bring us back to do!
Yes, we are back to "do" today! And I right away thought of doors.

I love doors. Doors fascinate me. Every time I see a door, I always start wondering what is at the other side. They always capture my imagination. Doors that are ajar are even more tantalizing to me. It is as if they welcome further exploration and discovery. Don't you feel like that about doors?

I also like doors that have ornate designs and knockers. Somehow they remind me of castles and princesses and knights. I guess I am just a silly romantic. Ha ha ha!

I took this door photo in a resort here in the Philippines. The resort specializes in old buildings, so it has a Spanish era atmosphere.

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