Friday, June 26, 2009

what i like about ...tea

I love drinking tea so I have accumulated lots of tea bags. I wondered what I can do with these teabags and so I researched on this.

I found several good uses for them so I wrote about them and published the article in my hubpages.

Now, guess what ... today, I got an email telling me that my hub or article about tea made it to the shortlist of hubnugget wannabes. This is a citation of hubs published by new hubers.

Was I happy? You bet! I was in fact elated!

Now all those in the hubnugget wannabe list were told to campaign for votes so that their hub will make it to the top of the list.

So my dear friends and passersby, please click on the link below and vote for my hub - "The Other Uses of Tea". I am known as "jill of alltrades" in hubpages by the way.

By the way, anybody (even if you are not a member of hubpages) can vote. Just click on the link above.

Thank you!

And that's why I love tea ... my article about it got a citation! Yehey!

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