Thursday, April 2, 2009

what I like about ... kittens

It's "K's" day so I thought about kittens.

What I like about kittens is they start as shy and cautious individuals but once they become familiar with the surroundings then they become playful and fun to be with.
This is what happened to this kitten. For the first few weeks, it always stayed close to its mother and would only look at me with soulful eyes. It never budged from where it was, beside the mother. Later, it started to explore its surroundings and ventured away from its mother. Then it played with anything I would place near her.

Why is it that when kittens grow to be cats they become less playful and actually boring? Cats just sleep practically all day. They don't play anymore. Do you notice the same thing with your cats and kittens?

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