Friday, July 10, 2009

What I like about ... re_ady mixes

Thank God for ready mixes!

I used to make my own mixes but that was before ready mixes became popular. Now, I rely on these time savers all the time. I'm no chef, so I don't have to prove anything or use a secret recipe. I only need to open a box or a sachet or a packet of these wonderful mixes and viola...a tasty dish or a yummy cake comes out!

Want to bake?...there is a ready mixed recipe for your favorite cake, whether it's 'Devil's Food Cake' or 'Chiffon Cake'.

Want to cook 'adobo', or 'mechado', or 'kaldereta' or 'kare-kare' or any other dish you can imagine? There is a ready mix for it. This is especially true here in the Philippines. Ready mixes industry is a thriving business here. New mixes are introduced into the market almost every month and companies, big and small, are joining in on the fun.

My son's girlfriend told me once that I have the best tasting beefsteak she has ever tasted. I think it wasn't just to get into my good side. I think she really meant it because she did not only have 2nd or 3rd servings, she even finished the whole dish down to the last drop of sauce! I never told her it was because of the ready mixed 'beefsteak'! She will discover for herself in due time. Ha ha ha.

So is it any wonder why I love ready mixes?

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