Thursday, July 9, 2009

When you sing you begin

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Last time, I used the alphabet to share what I like about things. After I completed the alphabet, I was stuck. I could not think of another way to go about writing more "what I like about...". I have been feeling guilty already since I have not updated this blog regularly.

Anyway, I started humming to myself today the song "do re me" and it suddenly occurred to me that if I used "a b c" last time, then maybe I can also use "do re me" as a starting point. Why not?

So here goes... what I like about...do_ughnuts

I like doughnuts because...they are...
- easy to digest
- readily available from down the corner
- easy to make if you are in the mood to make them

They also...
- taste great with coffee
- taste great with tea too
- and so with juice
- come in different flavors
- even come in different colors (I don't like the rainbow colors though)
- come with various toppings
- come with various fillings
- are inspirational...huh?

Did that last one surprise you? Doughnuts, inspirational? You gotta be kidding?

Well, no, I'm not kidding. I know of a fellow professor (bless his soul), who used to speak to graduating students and he always talked to them about doughnuts. He always told them "don't just focus on the hole in the doughnut, rather, look through the hole and find a beautiful world out there". See what I mean? Doughnuts can be inspirational!

Okay, let's go get some doughnuts!

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