Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I like about ...receiving letters

Don’t you just love receiving letters? I do. I love getting letters especially from people I like and love. I don’t like getting solicitation letters though, but that is not the topic here.

So what do I like about receiving letters?

... first and foremost, I get to know how the sender is of course.
... then I get to know how or what he/she has been doing
... then of course I may receive answers to some questions or reactions to what I have written before

... I even get to learn new words. For example, “conundrum” has never been part of my vocabulary, but a friend used it to describe me. Ha ha

... letters in the form of emails are especially fun because we can get almost immediate answers
... but traditional letters are also just as much fun. Plus we also get stamps that are either: informative or decorative, commemorative or fun

... letters can make me laugh or frown, cry or sing, or even blush...omg!

... letters can make me introspective or interrogative

... letters can profess love

... letters can coax me to action

... letters can inspire

... letters can puzzle

... letters can move mountains

... letters can also irritate or anger, but this is not the place for that

Letters are always welcome ... the written word has a special place in my heart.

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