Monday, February 2, 2009

What I like about... writing, a follow up

The other day, we watched the movie, “Inkheart” and I was really amazed at how it echoed what I have just written in my last post, “what I like about...writing”, so I thought I would write a follow up today.

The movie is about the adventures of a girl and her dad as the characters in the book they were reading (Inkheart), came to life.

Do you know that the tagline for “Inkheart” is, - “ Every story ever written is just waiting to become real”.

This movie is exactly what I have just written about writing! Isn't it amazing?

I also made a search about the book “Inkheart” and found that there is really such a book. It is supposed to be the first book of the “Inkworld” trilogy. The other two books are: “Inkspell ” and “Inkdeath” and the author is Cornelia Funke. Now, I think I have to get hold of those actual books. They probably are fun to read.

In the movie, the author of the book “Inkheart” is Fenoglio and not Cornelia Funke of course.

I must say though that the movie itself came out rather flat. The promise of an exciting adventure is there, but the movie just did not take off I think. Still, I found it interesting in the sense that I kind of identified with the plot.

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