Saturday, February 28, 2009

What I like about...daisies

Daisies are so beautiful and eye catching. They also come in various colors and each color always reminds me of some essence.

For example, white daisies always remind me of innocence, of the softness of babies. Pink daisies on the other hand remind me of a debutant, a sweet girl on the brink of womanhood. Orange daisies meanwhile remind me of a lady, confident and alluring, oozing with life.

What about you? What do daisies remind you of?

Daisies are also perfect subjects for photos. Their symmetry is always fascinating. One can zoom in or out and each view enhances their symmetrical nature. .. reminding me of fractals...

Have you ever wondered why daisies are usually the ones used in that crazy, juvenile game of ...”(s)he loves me... (s)he loves me not... (s)he loves me....

And why do we say..."upsey daisy" when we pull up a baby or sometimes toss her/him in the air?

Just shows you... daisies are fascinating!

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