Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I like about...photography

Ah, this one I really like. In fact I already have thousands of photos in the hard drive of my computer because I just love taking pictures. I also have created a blog just to share my photos and photographic adventures.

Plus, I also have a website for my photos: http://saanva.multiply.com/

Anyway, just to go back to the topic. What I like about... photography...
... it has improved my focus (pun intentional). Now, I not only learned to focus well in photography but my focus in other aspects of my life has improved as well. For example, lack of focus has been my greatest weakness in bowling. Now, my focus has improved as well my scores.

...I have learned so much about: composition, color, design, light, leading lines, etc.

... it has taught me to be even more observant, to pay attention to light, pattern, lines, shapes, shadows, color, temperature...etc.

... it has opened a new world for me. Now I have included in my vocabulary words like: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, lenses, tripod, bokeh, filters, macro lens, zoom lens, strobes, photoshop, lightroom, ...etc.

...it has heightened my creativity
...it has increased my curiosity
...it has gained for me new friends
...it has made me realize that I can do things that I have never done before. I learned that I can also win in photo contests and even have some photos published

...it has increased the depth and span of my interest in people, things, places, and my surroundings

As in my previous posts, I can go on and on about “what I like about... photography but I have to stop somewhere. And this is where I stop for now.

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